Entrepreneurial and Leadership Academy 

Our entrepreneurial and leadership program is designed to equip people between ages 16-35 with relevant personal development and entrepreneurial skills to become efficient leaders in their chosen field.

The program is divided into two scheme.

The first scheme – From idea to a viable enterprise; Students are taught how to conceptualize a business idea and develop a business model for that idea.
The Second scheme- Growing your business; Students are taught how to develop structures for rapid business growth and sustainability.

I.C.T. and Leadership Academy 

We have a strong team of I.C.T. professionals that can help you start a Career in

  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding and Graphics Design
  • Website Designs
  • Photography and Picture Editing
  • Video Editing

Become an I.C.T. professional through us and we will make you a Champion.

Seminars and Conferences  

Coaches and Champions seminars and conferences are carefully planned and very educative with the aim of transforming young people into influential leaders.


14, Olorunojowon Street, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.


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