Our success does not lie in the BIG things we do OCCASIONALLY, but in the LITTLE things we do CONSISTENTLY.


Coaches and Champions Leadership Academy (CCLA) is focused on instilling leadership values in young adults. We raise Courageous, Godly, Proactive, and Responsible Leaders and equip them with the necessary skills-set to be relevant in today’s world. We train them to think and act like leaders and support them to achieve their organisation and individual goals.

In seven years we have equipped over 4000 people with various leadership skills using relevant technology tools.

We believe leaders are not just born they need to be raised “Mentored”, get trained today and become the best that you can be.


Core Values

  • Courageous – Standing for what is right, even in the face of opposition. 
  • Godly – Serving with all Patience and Humility. 
  • Proactive – Taking time to plan and inspire your team to success. 
  • Responsible – Taking ownership at all times. 

Develop Relevant Skills 

We teach you how to develop your business model, prepare a viable business plan and proposals. Our Professionals will teach you the relevant IT skills required to start your business like Web Design, Graphics Design, Video Editing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Copy-writing.