Coaches and Champions Leadership Academy train young adults to think and act like leaders, we help leaders achieve their organisation and individual goals. Our experienced coaches are always ready to work with young people, giving them necessary support to achieve their purpose.

In seven years we have equipped over 4000 people with various leadership skills and relevant technology tools needed to achieve results as a group and as individuals.

We believe leaders are not just born they need to be raised, get trained today and become the best that you can be.



Prepare that Child for a Great Future

  • Need career choice guidance for your child?  
  • Do you want a mentor for your teenager? 
  • I want my children to be great leaders. 


Lets help you turn your Idea into a Viable Enterprise

  • How can I start my own business?
  • I want to grow my Company.
  • How do I overcome fear in taking business decisions.
  • How can I develop good work ethics?