About Us

Do you want direction for life?
Would you like to learn a relevant skill?
Do you need help starting a business or growing one?
Do you need help managing and motivating your team?

Then I have good news for you! If you believe that now is the time for you to be trained and equipped, then chat with us today!!!

Who We Are

Coaches and Champions Leadership Academy (CCLA) is focused on instilling leadership values in young adults. We raise Courageous, Godly, Proactive, and Responsible Leaders and equip them with the necessary skills-set to be relevant in today’s world.

What We Do

We are committed to raising leaders in various fields who are Courageous, Godly, Proactive and Responsible.
We raise Champions who becomes Coaches and they raise more Champions like themselves, and these also become Coaches.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that leaders are not just born, they are also raised.

Everyone is born with the potential to influence others.

Every one needs a good coach.

We Raise Leaders

Over the years Coaches & Champions have dedicated its resources towards raising people with strong leadership values. The world requires leaders who are Courageous, Godly, Proactive and Responsible. 

Through our Clubs, Seminars and Conferences and workshops we have been able to equip over 4000 people with training’s on leadership values, personal development and relevant technology tools needed to achieve results as a group and as individuals. 

We specialize in raising role models, which is a major reason why parents, schools, and organisations identify with us.


We Train and Connect to Opportunities. 

Our project based program helps entrepreneurs build and grow their business by showing them how to develop a business model backed up with relevant communication, leadership and Information Technology skills thereby giving them an edge in the market place. 

We not only inspire and develop people enrolled into our program, we also provide them with mentoring during and after the program. We have being able to connect several young leaders in our network to captains of Industries in various fields: I.C.T., Politics, Financial Sector, Education etc.

Our instructors have proven themselves as leaders in their respective fields and are committed to raising leaders.